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Welcome to Ravindra Packers and Movers in Gurgaon |Best Home Shifting Services

Welcome to Ravindra Relocation Pvt. Ltd -A Trusted Packers and Movers Services provider agency in Gurgaon. . Ravindra Packers and Movers are offering our services not only in Gurgaon but also other major cities of India. We can help people on local move and also on long-distance. Ravindra Packers and Movers take the whole responsibility of the movement of their customers.
They handle the entire task in such a way that the move becomes easy. These service providers have a foolproof way according to which they complete the whole task. The workers of these companies are always ready to assist their clients and make their customers free from all stress. Along with these services, these professionals also serve some other allied services that make their customers free from all worries. Ravindra Relocation Pvt Ltd -Gurgaon based home shifting and relocation service providers are always ready to assist their clients and make their customers feel relax.

Ravindra Relocation Pvt Ltd-Gurgaon based service providers are always ready to handle through their good coordination. These professionals complete the move timely so that clients can quickly get settle down to their new place. These professionals make their customers free from all tensions. Ravindra Relocation -Gurgaon based service providers reach place to place to windup the move without difficulty. They charge affordable price to make the relocation simple. So just hire the efficient services to make the relocation reliable and comfortable.

Packers and Movers in Gurgaon,Best Movers and Packers Services in Gurgaon

Local home shifting and Inter state Packing and Moving to the new destination, we take utmost care of your valuable belongings . Ravindra Relocation Pvt Ltd provide full comprehensive door to door moving ,loding and unloading with relocation services with proper care and personal touch.Also Provide local home shifting services-corporate and residential Packers and Movers Services.We have dedicated, experienced, and trained team of staffs who are devoted to their job. They perform the work not as duty but as their responsibility and hassle free relocation and honme shifting

1.Dedicated Team – Best Packing  and Moving Company  staff should be dedicated and perform any relocation task with complete integrity and reliability so as to able to achieve the desired results for the end users.

2. Years of Experience – Professional Packers and Movers Company should have  relevant number of years of experience (approximate 10 years.) for  handling the relocation needs of the end users. Experience needs because in house movement some items are fragile and expensive.

3. Marine Insurance –  Packers and Movers Company provide the marine insurance coverage for their household goods from reputed insurance company so that you can be reimbursement in case your goods get damaged while in transit..

4. Packing Materials: The Packers and Movers in India -Company is using much type of packing materials like: company owned covers, crates, cargo rated box with different strengths, thermocol sheet for fragile items. For the safe movement materials should be high quality.

5.Transportation: Our company provides many types of transportation like full truck load or part truck load .company having different size of trucks like :9,10,12,14,17,19,20,22,32 eet(covered or open body). So choose the trucks per your requirement. Making contact with the us -Ravindra Relocation Pvt Ltd s in Gurgaon is the most practical decision.



Local Packing and Moving | Relocation Services in Gurgaon - Ravindra Packers Movers

Ravindra Packers and Movers' understand the importance of orderly shifting of an office. Office shifting services is different from residence shifting; and needs expert assistance. So, we are always ready to assist corporate, mid scale offices, government systems, and small private sectors. We know the importance of data, documents, and other confidential files or papers. The team has been trained to shift the office not only in orderly state, but also without loss of any important office materials. As empathy is the nature of our company; and we can empathize that any loss of office files or information can lead to huge damage.

Our Process

So, hire us to make your office shift with precision and intact transit…


Hassle free Home Shifting in Gurgaon -Residential and Corporate Relocation Services

When anybody moving from one city to another or mover within city .First Question in his/her Mind How  to hire the best and affordable Packers and Movers within City . In recent years, some packers and movers company agencies observed that they have been found some fraud activities .like theft, losses of good etc
So, Main point is how to find the reliable and affordable Movers Company. .Make a list of best packers and  movers agencies. Track the past record of faulty activity history. Check the experience record and credibility, reputation on your own . Physical Verification -like office address and go-down etc. If customer have not much time for survey then .make proper communication with the packers and movers agency senior person and ask the doubt and make his /her relocation hassle free
Always Took Proper Quotation Like what is the:
Transportation cost -whether it’s direct load or part load
Material using cost
Car/Bike transportation cost
Loading and unloading cost
Unpacking included or not
Tool tax charge
Docket charge
Goods insured or not if yes what value of goods which is under insurance
Noting should be hidden


Warehousing and Storage Services in Gurgaon - Ravindra Packers and Movers

Ravindra Packers and Movers  knows the importance of warehousing services and assist business to overcome the critical phase by providing warehousing needs. The warehousing services are admired for its 'location, advanced tools, processes, and secured system. All our solution is professional, customized, and cost efficient.
Our warehousing services are based on:

  • Complete Management of Inventory
  • Both inbound and outbound is processed
  • All other aspect like 'barcoding, labeling, packaging, repackaging, and quality assurance is maintained
  • Control of yard management is also considered
  • Also provide 'Vendor / Carrier' performance

So, hiring warehousing services from us means satisfaction guaranteed…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of materials Ravindra Packers and Movers use?

Ravindra Packers and Movers in Gurgaon use the best quality of Boxes, Cargo Sheet, Rasin Packing sheets, Bubbles roll to pack the household goods. In the case of fragile items, we will use the form sheet and thermocouples sheet wooden crate to ensure the products. High-quality tapes high strength roops to hold the items for safety, after then we sell/cover the items with Lamination films.

2. What is the procedure and planning for packing and moving of goods?

When a customer calls us, we are sending our executive for the survey that is free of cost and providing the best and reliable Quotation. After that, we will make a list of items which are going to pack and shift. If items are highly fragile, then we also provide the wooden Crate for extra safety and security.when the customer agrees with us, we will ensure the date of movement and provide the hassle-free door to door packing and moving service.

3. How many days before inform /call for shifting?

To avoid the last-minute hassle, it is recommended that customer should previously inform us at least 24 hours before your moving date.

4. What type of extra charges will be paid by the customer for packing and moving services?

Extra charges like GST, Docket Charge, Insurance Charges paid by the customer For GST- 18% for Packers and Movers Services, if the customer needs only transportation services then GST will be 8% Docket charge are the variable company to company it maybe 250 to 350 Rs.For Insurance Charge -it will be 3% for full risk on the declared value of goods and 1.5 % for transit risk.

5. Why we should hire Ravindra Relocation Packers and Movers in Gurgaon?

Ravindra Packers and Movers in Gurgaon since 2000, 19 Y old Professional packers and Movers .we helped thousands of people to relocate their goods. Ravindra Packers and Movers brings security, safety, quality and time saving with a wide variety of packing and moving services @affordable price


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 Ravindra  Packers and Movers Ravindra Packers and Movers

Ravindra Packers and Movers in Gurgaon

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You have been great to work with and I TRULY appreciate it. You have been a true pleasure to work with. You've got a great team!" "One of the reasons the Ravindra Packers and Movers has such a great customer rating is because of your Team's ability to respond to problems with immediate solutions. Many thanks!"
Ragunandan, Team Leader

Thanks for Providing thr Quality Packers and Movers Services in our Premisis for Bagalore Location . Super Quality no complaint regarding the test and anoter issue.Safty and On time Delivery .

Thanks again .

Esha Khanna, Manager

Hi, I am Anita Singh working for TCS last six Years. We are using the services from Ravindra Packers and Movers .Packing and Moving Qality is good .So recomended every one Ravindra Packers and Movers Services Provider.

Anita Singh, Java developer

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