How to Estimate the charge and rates for packing and moving

How to estimate packers and movers charges?
Are you planning out for a movie? Do you know what is the price of a ticket?
  — Absolutely yes. You can check at Bookmyshow.
Are you traveling from Gurgaon/Delhi to Bangalore? Do you know how much they charge? 
 — Absolutely yes. You can check at Makemytrip. 
Are you shifting a house? Do you know how much packers and movers charge?   
 — Majority of the people answer would be NO.
And do you know any platform that is gonna help you out? Probably no idea?
Since packers and movers industry is highly disjoint and opaque from ages, this more than $2 Billion dollar industry is infiltrated with technology and there are no standards needed to start this business.
Today, most customers are unfamiliar with the standard moving process and safety. This lack of knowledge could potentially cost them more money and stress than imagined.
At Ravindra Relocation –Packers and Movers Service Provider - After successfully making thousands of house shifting in Gurgaon (Gurugram ) in the past few years, we gleaned different customer experiences, packing quality and packers movers work at a microscopic level.
We meld above data to formulate the movers and packers charges which will give you a fair idea about the cost you need to pay for the reliable and professional services.
After slicing and dicing the data, analyzing multiple data points and vetting with the shifting experts we identified more than 10 major factors:
1. Household goods
2. Distance
3. Packing
4. Manpower required
5. Physical Activity involved while loading and unloading
6. Shifting timings
7. Insurance
8. Additional Services
9. Taxes
10. Vehicle type
11. Storage
12. Tips1
Let’s go through the process how these factors sum up to the cost
Local House Shifting ( Within City-Gurgaon )
Household goods:
The Household goods volume decides the type of truck needed for your shifting.
A truck can range from small Tata Ace to 18 feet DCM/Tata /Eicher Truck. Price can range from Rs 2500 to 3500  for single trip and 1000 Rs for 2nd on trip.
In the local movements as the transit time is hardly 2 -4 hours the chances of goods getting damaged is very minimal. 
Usually, packing is done only for the fragile, electronic items and kitchen crockery is wrapped with papers and will be packed in cardboard boxes and Corrugated boxes
This kind of packing approximately costs around  Rs 2000 to Rs 3500.
*Packing of furniture and other items may cost additional which depends on the quantity of packing material used.
These people are the one who takes possession of your goods. They pack, load, unpack them. Professional Staff usually charges Rs 600-700/person(in 2017). Normally, below are the manpower required for a house shifting.

House Type


Men Required












Additional Services: Optional
Packers and movers don't deal with assembling and disassembling of the electronic items. If you need, they can facilitate an electrician on the move/shifting  day.

AC assemble and disassemble(window/Split)

LCD mount at new home(small/Big)

Geyser mount at new home(15//30Ltr)

Rs 1000–2500

Rs 400– 500

Rs 500– 700

Physical Activity Involved: Optional
When the elevator is not available or when the distance between the truck and your house is greater that 50 Meters or when roping is required. An amount of Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 will add up.
Shifting Timings: Optional
In the city vehicle mobility is restricted from 7.00 am to 11.00 noon and 4.00 pm. to 9.00 pm. When you need to shift between these timings you need to pay a Chalan of Rs 600.(as per chalan)
Most of the shifting staff ask for a tip at the end. Usually Rs 100–200/person.(depend on customer  )                         
Cost of movers and packers - Local house shifting
After evaluating more than 6000+ local house shifting quotes from different trusted packers and movers, counting customer experiences, household safety and quality of the staff, these are the mean prices for shifting based on house type.

House hold volume




Approx Total

1 BHK (Standard - Big)

Rs 2000 - 2500

Rs 1500 - 2000

Rs 1500 - 2000

Rs 5000 -6500

2 BHK (Standard - Big)

Rs 2500 - 3000

Rs 2500 - 3500

Rs 2500 - 3500

Rs 7500 -10000

3 BHK and 3 BHK+ (Standard - Big)

Rs 5000 - 7000

Rs 4000 - 5000

Rs 4000 - 5000

Rs 13000 -17000

Added them as per your needs.

Additional Services

Physical Activity Involved

Shift Timings


Rs 1500-1800

Rs 500-1000

Rs 600

Rs 500

Do you still feel something still missing here?  You are right!
Did I miss it?
It doesn't matter in most of the situations.
Let us clear the point. If you are shifting from DLF Phase 1 to Vatika city it's merely ~12km. It doesn't take more than 3 LTR of diesel ( approx Rs 145). Am I clear now?  Even your shifting distance is 1 km or 20 km(Local within city) still the logistic cost remains same.
If you are shifting from one floor to the other within the same apartment block then transport cost is reduced.
InterCity (City to City)
It’s not only the distance that decides the cost, but also the city you transporting to.
To explain it, If you are shifting a 2BHK from Gurgaon to Pune a shared truck would cost you around Rs 15k - 20k. If you are shifting the same 2BHK from Gurgaon to Mumbai it would cost you around 14.5k to 20k. Even the distance is approx same, demand to the outwards destination brings down the cost.
Vehicle Type:
It depends on the vehicle type you prefer to choose - Shared or Dedicated truck
If you opt for a shared truck, the truck gets shared between 2 to 3 households and the delivery may take little longer time than usual but the prices are definitely reasonable.  
If you want your delivery  to be fast or don’t want to share the truck one should opt for Dedicated truck. It will cost you additional Rs 15000 - 25000 more based on the distance.
Transportation will contribute  >65% of the cost.
Needless to say about the road conditions in India. Transit time ∝ Damage to goods. so the packing must be done carefully especially the glass, electronic, furniture and crockery items. Both the quantity and quality packing used is lot more than the local shifting.
It may cost from Rs 3000 - 8000 for the standard items. If you have any special and delicate artifacts it can add up to Rs 10000.
It takes up 20% of the cost.
In inter city movements unpacking is not done at the destination city. Only a few pan India vendors do unpacking at the destination city.Extra charges are applicable for this.
It can cost around Rs 1000–4000.
Packing, loading, unloading and unpacking will contribute approx 20–25% of the cost.
Other Taxes:
The truck has to cross borders and pass through state highways so the standard toll charges impact your transportation charge. In few states octroi charges are applicable.
Insurance: Optional
Insurance is an optional thing but it is always advisable to take insurance for a non-local movement.
With the kind of track record our country had got in road accidents, we advise you to take insurance at least for your valuable goods if not for complete household.
It will cost you 1.5 % to 3%(Transit or full risk) of the declared goods value. Most packers and movers make insurance as mandatory.
Storage: Optional
If you still didn’t find the address in the new location. Professional packers and movers will provide storage solution on day wise. Most of them will provide free storage for 5 days. And they charge a nominal price of Rs 200-500/day if you need for additonal days.
Other optionals like addition services, tips, service taxes, docket charge would be added as per needs.
Packers and movers rates - Long Haul.
Pricing is more dynamic than the local moves. Unlike local moves, many factors determine the price. Below are the mean values based on the goods volume and the destination
Remember logistic cost involved in non-local moves is relatively high. Even you have couple of boxes to shift to Pune from Hyderabad. It will most you around Rs 3500 - 4000 for a door to door delivery.



.Long Haul Movements


Shared Truck


Direct Truck (14-16 feet)

Gurgaon to Bangalore (1BHK-2BHK)

Rs 24000 -28000

Rs 34000-45000

Gurgaon to Pune (1BHK-2BHK)

Rs 18000 -24000

Rs 28000-35000

Gurgaon to Kolkata (1BHK-2BHK)

Rs 15000 -25000

Rs 35000-40000

Gurgaon to Chennai (1BHK-2BHK)

Rs 30000 -38000

Rs 45000-65000

Gurgaon to Mumbai (1BHK-2BHK)

Rs 15000 -22000

Rs 25000-35000

Note: These mean values are inclusive of all taxes. Excluding insurance, car transport.
On top of these,  factors like brand value ( agarwal packers and movers or Leo packers and movers ) hike prices at least by 30% to 40%.
If you don’t want to pick a big brands, but want to experience superior pre and post customer support and tracking it would cost you 10% more than the market.
While speaking to our customers lot of them are confused about the moving industry price variation. And they face a lot of hardship choosing the reliable packers as per their needs.

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